C.B. Moore Award

The C.B. Moore Award is given to a young scholar for excellence in southeastern archaeology and associated studies.

The C. B. Moore Award for “Excellence in Southeastern Archaeology or associated studies by a distinguished younger scholar” was established by the members of the Lower Mississippi Survey in 1990, under the leadership of Stephen Williams. Nominees were originally selected by vote of associates of the Lower Mississippi Survey and, after the first year, by them and all previous award recipients. Since 2010 SEAC has assumed responsibility for presenting the award. The SEAC president-elect oversees the award nomination and voting process. In recognition of his or her accomplishment, the C. B. Moore award winner gets to keep, for the following year, a replica of the Moundville Cat Pipe, which was found by Moore and the original of which resides in the Peabody Museum at Harvard.

A maximum 200-word nomination statement and a CV for nominees should be sent in electronic form to the SEAC president-elect and chair of the committee no later than August 15th, 2022. The list of C.B. Moore award committee members can be found on the Standing Committees page.

The award is open to all those who have been conducting southeastern archaeology and completed their Ph.D. within the previous ten years from the date of award. All nominations received will be considered until the eligibility period ends or the nominee is selected. Those who submitted nominations in the past are encouraged to update the information, especially in the CV.

The award winner will be determined by whichever candidate receives the most votes among a committee consisting of (1) all past C.B. Moore Award winners; (2) all voting members of the SEAC Executive Committee at the time of the election, and (3) one member of the Lower Mississippi Archaeological Survey (LMS), to be appointed by members of that organization. In the event of a tie, each candidate tied for first place will receive the award. In the event a member of the SEAC Executive Committee is a past C.B. Moore Award winner or the designated LMS representative, or both, s/he shall have only one vote.