Book Reviews for Southeastern Archaeology

Southeastern Archaeology accepts book reviews for publication that might be of interest to our membership.

Information for Publishers

Books for review should be mailed to the Associate Editor (Book Reviews).

Information for Reviewers

Persons eligible to review include MA and Ph.D. students in Anthropology/Archaeology programs, professionals in Cultural Resource Management or other related field, and professionals at academic institutions.  Requests to review and review submissions should be emailed to the Associate Editor (Book Reviews).  Please look at the list of books available for review below, or you may request books not otherwise reviewed in the journal.

You will receive a review copy with the understanding that you will provide a review within three months of receipt of the book. Should you anticipate problems meeting this deadline, please contact me. In the case of unreasonably long delays, I will ask you to return the book so that I can send it to another colleague.

The general format of the text of the review should follow American Antiquity style. That also means that citations should be used sparingly, if at all, and reviews should not include a bibliography.  Use section 3.5 of the American Antiquity style guide for instructions on formatting any references in the text as complete, shortened, parenthetical references.  Reviews are limited to 1200 words.

The heading should include a complete citation indicating number of pages; the presence of illustrations, tables, bibliography, appendices, and index; and price. The description of pages and illustrations should be pulled from the Library of Congress catalog. The header should look like the following:

ACROSS ATLANTIC ICE: THE ORIGIN OF AMERICA's CLOVIS CULTURE. Dennis J. Stanford and Bruce A. Bradley, with foreword by Michael B. Collins. University of California Press, Berkeley, 2012. xv, 319 pp., ill., maps. $34.95 (cloth), ISBN: 978-0-520-22783-5; $27.95 (paper), ISBN: 978-0-520-94967-6; $15.00 (ebook), ISBN: xxx-x-xxx-xxxxx-x.

The footer appears after the review, and should look like:

John M. Smith
Department of Anthropology, University of Higher Learning
123 Main Ave., Good Town, ST, 45678

The review should be sent as an email attachment in MS Word format, but most other word processing formats are also acceptable.

Books Available to Review

Alt, Susan M. Cahokia's Complexities: Ceremonies and Politics of the First Mississippian Farmers 2018
Barnhart, Terry A. American Antiquities: Revisiting the Origins of American Archaeology 2015
Bates, Lynsey A., John M. Chenoweth, and James A. Dell (Eds.) Archaeologies of Slavery and Freedom in the Caribbean 2016
Birch, Jennifer, and Victor D. Thompson (Eds.) The Archaeology of Villages in Eastern North America 2018
Blitz, John and Lauren Downs (Eds.) Graveline: A Late Woodland Platform Mound on the Mississippi Gulf Coast 2015
Buchner, C. Andrew Excavations at Howe Pottery: A Late Nineteenth-Century Kiln in Benton, Arkansas 2015
Byers, A. Martin The Real Mound Builders of North America: A Critical Realist Prehistory of the Eastern Woodlands, 200 BC--1450 AD 2018
Carneiro, Robert L., Leonid E. Grinin, and Andrey V. Korotayev (Eds.) Chiefdoms: Yesterday and Today 2017
Carr, Kurt and Roger Moeller First Pennsylvanians: The Archaeology of Native Americans in Pennsylvania 2015
Chenoweth, John M. Simplicity, Equality, and Slavery: An Archaeology of Quakerism in the British Virgin Islands, 1740-1780 2017
Crook, M. R. Bilbo and Delta: Late Archaic and Early Woodland Shell Mounds at the Mouth of the Savannah River 2009
Davis, Hester Remembering Awatovi: The Story of the Archaeological Expedition in Arizona, 1935-1939 2008
Dockery, David T, IIII, and David Thompson The Geology of Mississippi 2016
Drennan, Robert D., C. Adam Berrey, and Christian E. Peterson Regional Settlement Demography in Archaeology 2015
Ensor, Braley Crafting Prehistoric Maya Kinship 2013
Faust, Katherine A and Kim N Richter The Huasteca 2015
Girard, Jeffrey S. The Caddos and Their Ancestors: Archaeology and the Native People of Northwest Louisiana 2018
Gremillion, Kristen J. Food Production in Native North America: An Archaeological Perspective 2018
González-Tennant, Edward The Rosewood Massacre: An Archaeology and History of Intersectional Violence 2018
Gramly, R.M. Origin and Evolution of the Cumberland Paleo-American Tradition 2009
Hairson, Eric Ashley The Ebony Column: Classics, Civilization, and the African American Reclamation of the West 2013
Harry, Karen G., Sarah A. Herr (Eds.) Life Beyond the Boundaries: Constructing Identity in Edge Regions of the North American Southwest 2018
Hayward, M.E., L. G. Atkinson, and M. A. Cinquiro Rock Art of the Caribbean 2009
Hodge, Shannon Chappell, and Kristina A. Shuler (Eds.) Bioarchaeology of the American Southeast: Approaches to Bridging Health and Identity in the Past 2018
Huntington, Yumi Park, Dean Arnold, and Johanna Minich (Eds.) Ceramics of Ancient America: Multidisciplinary Approaches 2018
Hutson, Scott R The Ancient Urban Maya: Neighborhoods, Inequality and Built Form 2016
Iannoe, Gyles and Brett Houk and Sonja Schwake (Eds) Ritual, Violence, and the Fall of the Classic Maya Kings 2016
Kaplan, Jonathan, and Federico Paredes Umaña Water, Cacao, and the Early Maya of Chocolá 2018
Kepecs, Curet, and Corzo Beyond the Blockade: New Currents in Cuban Archaeology 2010
King, Adam (Ed) Archaeology in South Carolina: Exploring the Hidden Heritage of the Palmetto State 2016
Livingood, Patrick C. Mississippian Polity and Politics on the Gulf Coastal Plain: A View from the Pearl River, Mississippi 2010
Mainfort, Jr. Robert C. editor Archaeological Investigations at Upper Nodena: 1973 Field Season 2010
Miller, D. Shane From Colonization to Domestication: Population, Environment, and the Origins of Agriculture in Eastern North America 2018
Murray, Stephen O. American Anthropology & Company: Historical Explorations 2013
O'Donoughue, Jason Water From Stone: Archaeology and Conservation at Florida's Springs 2017
Order, Charles E. A Primer on Modern-World Archaeology 2014
Perttula, Timothy K. Caddo Landscapes in the East Texas Forests 2017
Price, Sarah E. and Philip J. Carr Investigating the Ordinary: Everyday Matters in Southeast Archaeology 2018
Regnier, Amanda Reconstructing Tascalusa's Chiefdom: Pottery Styles and the Social Composition of Late Misssisippian Communities Along the Alabama River 2014
Steere, Benjamin A. The Archaeology of Houses and Households in the Native Southeast 2017
Stewart, R. Michael, Kurt W Carr, and Paul A Raber (Eds) The Nature and Pace of Change in American Indian Cultures: Pannsylvania, 4000 to 3000 BP 2016
Sundstrom, Linea and Warren DeBoer (Eds.) Enduring Motives: The Archaeology of Tradition and Religion in Native America 2012
Thomas, David Hurst and Matthew Sanger Trend, Tradition, and Turmoil: What Happened to the Southeastern Archaic? 2010
Trubitt, Mary Beth (Ed.) Research, Preservation, Communication: Honoring Thomas J. Green on his Retirement from the Arkansas Archaeological Survey 2016
Turner, Grace Honoring Ancestors in Sacred Space: The Archaeology of an Eighteenth-Century African-Bahamian Cemetery 2017
Veit, Richard and David Orr Historical Archaeology of the Delaware Valley, 1600-1850 2014
Waldron, Lawrence Handbook of Ceramic Animal Symbols in the Ancient Lesser Antilles 2016
West Virginia Archaeological Society Secrets of the Valley, Prehistory of the Kanawha (DVD) 2010
Whitley, David S. Introduction to Rock Art Research 2011
Wholey, Heather A., and Carole L. Nash (Eds.) Middle Atlantic Prehistory: Foundation and Practice 2018
Wilde-Ramsing, Mark U., and Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton Blackbeard's Sunken Prize: The 300-year Voyage of Queen Anne's Revenge 2018
Wilson, Gregory D. (Ed.) Mississippian Beginnings 2017
York, Robert and Gigi York Slings and Slingstones: The Forgotten Weapons of Oceania and the Americas 2012