2017 Student Affairs Committee

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Student Affairs Committee shall be to act in the best interests of student members, both undergraduate and graduate, of SEAC and to serve as a liaison between student members and the SEAC Executive Board. The committee's primary goal shall be to stimulate and encourage interest among student archaeologists while creating a student community within the larger SEAC organization.

2017 Officers:

Patrick Johnson, chair, patrickj86@gmail.com
Grace Elizabeth Riehm, chair-elect, geriehm@live.unc.edu
Matthew P. Rooney, webmaster, mprooney@ufl.edu
Lindsey Cochran, member-at-large, cochranl@vols.utk.edu
Janene Johnston, member-at-large, jwj15@students.uwf.edu
Michelle Rathgaber, member-at-large, mmrathga@uark.edu
Karen A. Stevens, member-at-large, karen.stevens@uky.edu