2016 Student Affairs Committee

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Student Affairs Committee shall be to act in the best interests of student members, both undergraduate and graduate, of SEAC and to serve as a liaison between student members and the SEAC Executive Board. The committee's primary goal shall be to stimulate and encourage interest among student archaeologists while creating a student community within the larger SEAC organization.


2016 Officers

Chair - Vanessa N. Hanvey - University of Kentucky
Chair-Elect -  Patrick Johnson - College of William and Mary
Web-Master - Tyler Stumpf - University of Kentucky
Member-at-Large - Christina Sampson - University of Michigan
Member-at-Large - Karen Stevens - University of Kentucky
Member-at-Large - Michelle Rathgaber - University of Arkansas


Meeting Events: 2016 - Athens, GA

  • Student Luncheon on Publishing with Megan Kassabaum of the University of Pennsylvania and Robbie Ethridge of the University of Mississippi. If you are interested in this workshop and would like to sign-up, please register here. Please see brief description below:

    • The Student Affairs Committee will host a Student Luncheon during the SEAC annual conference this October, 2016.  The topic of discussion is student publishing, and Dr. Megan Kassabaum of the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Robbie Ethridge of the University of Mississippi will serve as panelists.  While we all munch on lunches provided by the SEAC Planning Committee, Dr. Kassabaum and Dr. Ethridge will give insight on and discuss various aspects of choosing a journal or newsletter, the process of submission, co-publishing, and choosing the content of a publication. There will also be time at the end for attendees to ask their own questions and to meet with the panelists.  The lunch will be held on Thursday, October 27, at noon, and there are 35 spots available to undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Student Workshop on Photogrammetry and drone-use titled "Foundations of Photography and Photogrammetry for Archaeologists"with Michael Ashley and Chris Webster. The goal of this workshop will be to give students the essential knowledge in order to use photogrammetry and drones in their current and future research. If you are interested in this workshop and would like to sign-up, please register here. Please see detailed description below:

    • In just the last few years, photogrammetry - the generation of 3D data from photographs - has become accessible to virtually anyone with a basic digital camera. In this foundations workshop, we will cover essentials for creating excellent, publication quality photographs and 3-D models in a fieldwork context.The course is designed with students in mind. There are no prerequisites, and equipment will be provided. To make the most of the workshop, reading and presentation materials will be made available in advance so that we can jump right in. A pre-workshop questionnaire will be circulated so that we can get a sense of your interests, experience and practical applications of the techniques we will cover in the program. Topics include:

      – equipment choices
      – lighting (and shading)
      – color balance, white balance
      – appropriate use of scales and positioning
      – setting up a "3-D scene" for artifacts and features
      – targets, ground control and geolocation
      – born archival imaging workflow basics and infield backup techniques
      – photo logs, photo pages and other fun outputs
      – SketchFab, Instagram, Facebook and how to keep your job as a field tech or field photographer.

      The workshop will be held on Thursday, October 27 from 8:00a - noon and there are ~24 spots available. An additional practical session will be made available Saturday afternoon, if possible. We’ll go to the ‘field’ and apply our new knowledge and if permissions are granted, take a look at the exciting options afforded by drones and kites for aerial imaging.

      Sponsored by Codifi, Inc (exhibiting), PCS, and the Center for Digital Archaeology