80th Annual Meeting in Williamsburg, VA (2024)

The following guidelines and requirements will help the conference go smoothly. Please review them carefully. Remember that all presenters must be current members of SEAC in order to be first author on a paper or poster, to serve as a panelist, or to lead a workshop. To join or renew, visit the Membership page. For questions about membership status, please contact the SEAC Treasurer at seac.conference@gmail.com.

Role Limits

  • An individual may have no more than three (3) participant roles (presenter, chair, moderator, discussant) during a SEAC Annual Meeting.
  • An individual may be the lead author of a presentation only one (1) time during a SEAC Annual Meeting.
  • An individual may be the chair/co-chair of a symposium, panel, or workshop only one (1) time during a SEAC Annual Meeting.
  • Papers or posters presented on behalf of another primary author do not apply to these counts (i.e., you can present for an absent colleague).
  • Second and subsequent authorship roles are unlimited and these roles do not require membership in SEAC.

Organized Symposia, Panels, and Workshops

  • Symposium, panel, and workshop organizers/chairs must complete a Symposium Submission Form before the event title can be made available as a presentation option for registrants.
  • Symposium, panel, and workshop abstracts are limited to 100 words.
  • Symposia are ideally half-day sessions and normally contain 9–11 twenty-minute slots including papers, discussant(s), and break(s).
  • If your symposium is substantially shorter or longer than a half-day session (max would be 18–22 for a full-day), we will make every effort to accommodate it within the available meeting rooms and time slots.

Paper Presentations

  • Paper abstracts are limited to 100 words.
  • Paper presentations are 20 minutes maximum. Please be respectful of your fellow presenters and stay within the designated time limit.
  • If you are presenting a paper in either a general session or organized symposium, please provide the session/symposium chair with a copy of your PowerPoint presentation well before your session begins.
  • Session and symposium chairs must supply a laptop computer loaded with Microsoft Office PowerPoint software and load all participants’ PowerPoint presentations well in advance of the scheduled session time.
  • MacBook users must bring any necessary Apple adapters to hook up to the video projector.
  • Projectors are covered by the conference budget. Other forms of audiovisual equipment are expensive and therefore not normally provided. Presenters who require additional equipment may be asked to pay the cost. If you have special audiovisual needs, please contact the conference organizers.

Poster Presentations

  • Poster abstracts are limited to 100 words.
  • Posters should be sized to fit on a display board that measures 8' x 4' (horizontal x vertical).
  • Mounting supplies are not provided; presenters need to bring their own pushpins.