The purpose of the Charles Hudson Award and its Fund is to foster and improve research on the long history of humanity in the Southeast by supporting student research projects.

In 2014, the Southeastern Archaeological Conference established the Charles Hudson Award to be given in a competition based on proposals. This award shall be used to encourage younger scholars to do good work and to participate in and be members of SEAC, and shall be held and administered by SEAC.

The policies and procedures described here are subject to the bylaws of SEAC, which shall have precedence. Should these policies and procedures require change to facilitate the purpose of the Award and its Fund, the SEAC Executive Committee is empowered by its Articles of Incorporation (X.2) to make standing rules and procedures.

Part A below concerns the Fund. Part B below consists of policies and procedures for the Award.

You may make a donation to the Charles Hudson Award Fund here.

Part A: The Fund

As SEAC members and close colleagues of Charles Hudson, the undersigned will take a key role in initiating, raising money for, and implementing the Fund. The fundraising goal is an endowment of more than $20,000.

Donations to the Fund shall be made to SEAC and specifically designated for the Charles Hudson Award Fund.

The Fund shall be managed by the SEAC Investment and Finance Committee, or the appropriate current committee as designated by the SEAC Executive Board. The Investment and Finance Committee shall employ an investment strategy to meet the purpose of the Award. SEAC shall manage the investments in accord with its bylaws and current law, such as the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) and IRS regulations.

The Fund is intended to be an endowment with the Awards being given from the interest it earns. However, conditions may arise that require change in this basic strategy, as described below. The committee of SEAC responsible for managing the Fund decides the ratio between investment returns devoted to awards and those used to build up the Fund. To build and protect the Fund no awards shall be granted until the minimum of $20,000 is reached.

Awards shall not be given until two calendar years after the Fund has achieved its minimum principal value ($20,000). Each year thereafter the Investment and Finance Committee shall inform the Awards committee of the amount available for the Award (prior to the announcement of the annual competition).

The minimum amount awarded in one year shall be 4% of the Fund principal. Larger annual amounts may be given depending on the Fund balance. If the interest in a given year is not sufficient for an Award the committee managing the Fund may decide that no prize shall be announced for that year. Should a condition of poor investment returns persist for a number of years the Investment and Finance Committee may elect to draw on the principal in order to fulfill the purpose of the Award.

Donations are not returned to donors. Major donors may be given a copy of the current Policy and Procedures document.

SEAC may charge the Fund an annual fee for administrative expenses not to exceed 1% of the Fund.

If, after six years from the inception of the Fund, it has not reached its $20,000 minimum, the Finance Committee may declare the campaign closed. The partial fund shall be drawn down annually according to its scholarly purpose until it is exhausted.

If in the future the objective of the Fund and its Award cannot be met, the SEAC Executive Board has the ultimate authority over the Fund.

SEAC Articles of Incorporation XII and Bylaws Article IX: Disposal of Assets apply to this Fund. If SEAC were to dissolve the Fund would be treated by SEAC by the same procedures it would use with its other assets.

Part B: The Award

The Award will be administered by a Hudson Fund Awards Committee designated by SEAC. Pursuant to SEAC bylaws, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Charles Hudson Award committee, or charge an existing award committee with this task. The Award shall be given in a competition based on proposals. Annually the committee prepares an announcement and application guidelines (for example, for release on March 1 or other date as determined by the committee), sets a due date (for example, July 1), reviews applications, determines a winner or winners, and notifies the SEAC President prior to the Fall Meeting. If applications are not deemed worthy no Award shall be given in that year.

The Award is intended to recognize and support students who carry out high quality research on the social history of the Southeastern United States using ethnohistory, archaeology, history, linguistics, or oral traditions. Preference is given to proposals that draw on more than one of these methods or that link the people known only through archaeology to more recent indigenous people. Quality of research in this specified area is the sole criterion for making the Award.

To be eligible for the Award, applicants must be enrolled as a student in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the time of the Award. There is no restriction on academic discipline. Applicants shall submit a proposal of no more than 1000 words describing the significance of their proposed research project, the methods they will use, budget, schedule, and evidence of compliance with applicable regulations and permissions.

Depending on the number and quality of applicants, or experience with this Award, the committee may decide to split the applicant pool by degree program (undergraduate/graduate). The Award may be used as the scholar sees fit, i.e. research expenses, tuition, fees, materials, lab materials, travel, books, etc., but the written proposal must justify and explain how the financial support will be used to further the applicant’s research. A specific accounting is not required but Award winners must submit a 500 word report to the Awards committee by the following SEAC Fall meeting describing their results and how the money was spent.