The deadline for the Public Outreach Grant Committee to receive grant proposals is December 1.

This is not a "postmarked by" date, it is a "received by" date. It is the responsibility of the applicant to use a mailing method that will guarantee receipt by the deadline. Applications that arrive after the deadline may be eliminated from review. Email applications are preferred. If the application is sent by mail, 4 copies of the application and all attachments must be sent.

Notification of grant awards will be given by March 1 of the following year. The project may commence at any time following March 1, but must be started during that calendar year. Failure to commence the project during the year of the award will result in forfeiture of the grant.

Projects must be completed by the stated deadline in the proposal. If a problem arises that would prevent completion by the time stated, the grant recipient must provide a letter of explanation to the Public Outreach Grant Committee for an extension.

Grant Application (PDF)

Submission of Final Report

Upon conclusion of the project, and no later than 4 months after the conclusion, the following items will be submitted to the Public Outreach Grant Committee:

  • A final narrative report, suitable for publication in the SEAC Newsletter, of about 500 words in length. The purpose of publication of the narrative report is to inform the SEAC membership of the funded project and to promote the Public Outreach Grant program. The narrative report should be sent to the Chair of the Committee and should include
    1. description of the project and its outcome
    2. number served
    3. how advertise
    4. how evaluated
    5. description of any planned follow up or dissemination of materials

In addition, the following items should be sent with the Final Report to the Public Outreach Grant Committee:

  • description of the evaluation plan and criteria, and a summary of the results of the evaluation
  • accounting of expenditures, matching funds or in-kind contributions