Community of Practice for Southeast Curation Care

Good afternoon!

I am writing about our Community of Practice for Southeast Curation Care (CPSECC). We are a growing community working toward better care for and management of archaeological collections. This group was founded in 2023 after the curation panel at SEAC, which illustrated an overwhelming need for support and peer guidance in our professional areas.

As a result, we are forming a group of practitioners, educators, and students dedicated to highlighting the importance of curation education and putting forward best practices for curation care. We provide support to anyone working in archaeological collections across the Southeast United States, although ALL regions are welcome here. This community is a safe space to reach out to fellow collections care workers and find resources or solace with peers who understand the frustrating parts of our work.

We have developed a survey regarding the formation of this Community of Practice. This survey takes at most two minutes to complete on your mobile device or computer. Your participation will help determine which topics are the top priorities to discuss in our future meetings, help plan for future guest speakers, and organize helpful training and workshops. Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Please complete the survey before January 5th! 

Survey link 

(If you have any questions regarding the survey or want to join the listserv, please contact us at