SEAC Student Membership Lottery Donation

We are just one week away from this year's Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. While at SEAC, we get to speak with fellow archaeologists, attend presentations/posters/workshops, and work with others in our field. The youth are the future of our discipline and SEAC is actively working to recruit more young people to the conference and to participate in southeastern archaeology. We want more young people involved in the discipline and the histories of the southeast and we believe that you can help with a small financial contribution. By making a donation towards a SEAC student membership, you are 'paying it forward' and reducing barriers to participation that many students face. Joining SEAC gives students access to peer mentoring networks, workshops and receptions hosted by the Student Affairs Committee, and puts them face to face with practitioners in the field at the annual meeting.

Last year, we collected enough funds to give 58 students a donated membership! We're hoping to exceed that this year. We hope that you will consider donating at least one membership today ($21.50) for the SEAC Student Membership Lottery.

If you would like to donate, please scan the provided QR Code or follow the link below to help our next generation of archaeologists. If you have any questions regarding the student membership lottery, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your help and we hope to see you at the conference next week!

SEAC Student Membership Lottery Donation Page

Additionally, if there are any students that you know of that could benefit from the SEAC Student Membership Lottery, please send them the DEI Student Lottery Flyer.


LeeAnne Wendt and Jayur Mehta