Congratulations to our Award Winners!

Rising Scholars Award

Rising Scholars Erin Nelson, Sarah Baires, and  Melissa Baltus hold their award plaques excitedly.

Rising Scholars Erin Nelson (2023), Sarah Baires (2022), and Melissa Baltus (2023)

Rising Scholar Award plaques were given to our 2023 Rising Scholars (Drs. Erin Nelson and Melissa Baltus), and 2022 award winner Dr. Sarah Baires.

Judith G. Knight Student Paper Competition

Student Paper winners Lia Kitteringham & Jordan Schaefer smile

Student Paper Award: Lia Kitteringham (runner-up) and Jordan Schaefer (winner)

Jordan Schaefer won 1st place for his paper titled "A Phenomenological Study of 12th Unnamed Cave, a Dark-Zone Cave Art Site, through 3D Photogrammetric Modeling and Archaeoacoustics," and Lia Kitteringham was awarded 2nd place for their paper "Birds, Enclosures, and Indigenous Landscapes: Creating the Eastern Precinct of Pinson Mounds"

Lifetime Achievement Award

David Moore stands holding his Lifetime Achievement Award with colleagues surrounding him happily.

Lifetime Achievement Award: David Moore (2023)


Nancy White holding her Lifetime Achievement Award next to T.R. Kidder

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nancy M. White (2023)