Announcement- NAALC seeks committee members

Dear SEAC Membership,

The Native American Affairs Liaison Committee is seeking members to serve as committee members. We have a lot of things planned for how to make this committee more effective and beneficial to everyone, most importantly our Indigenous members and partners. We are seeking committee members who are willing to actively engage moving forward as well as members who are ready to bring ideas and insights on how our committee can best serve our community. Committee membership will require some hard work, including difficult conversations, necessary for the effectiveness of this committee. If you are interested in joining the SEAC NAALC, please email both co-chairs, Karen Brunso ( and Isabelle Holland-Lulewicz ( with your name, affiliation, and a short blurb on why you would like to join this committee by Oct. 12th. We will notify new members shortly after that.

We will be holding our first meeting with new committee members at the annual meeting this year.

Looking forward to Chattanooga!


Isabelle Holland-Luelwicz and Karen Brunso, SEAC NAALC Co-Chairs