Congratulations to all of our recent Award winners!

Lifetime Achievement Award

Ian Brown (2021), R.P. Stephen Davis, Jr. (2022), Gregory Waselkov (2022), Robbie Ethridge (2022)

Judith G. Knight Student Paper Award

Judith G. Knight Student Paper award winner Patrick Druggan. Not pictured: Mikayla Absher (runner-up)

Hudson Award

2021 Hudson Award winner Michelle Pigot


2022 Hudson Award winner Hannah Hoover

Rising Scholar Award

Rising Scholar Award winner Jessi Halligan. Not Pictured Sarah Baires

Patty Jo Watson Award

Jessie L. Johanson and Andrew Agha

for "Old Ways in New Places? Experimenting with Plants in the Early Plantation Setting"

Southeastern Archaeology 40(3):159-173

Special Recognition Award

2022 Special Recognition Award winner Sarah Miller, with SEAC President Maureen Meyers