Position – Collections Manager, Ceramic Technology Lab and Florida Archaeology, University of Florida

The Florida Museum (FM) is hiring an experienced full-time Collections Manager for the Ceramic Technology Laboratory (CTL) and Florida Archaeology. The CTL, FM’s hub for pottery research, is equipped with a petrographic microscope, handheld XRF, and electric furnaces, and maintains pottery type collections, comparative clay samples, and a thin section library. The Florida Archaeology collection is comprised of more than a million artifacts from nearly 2,000 sites that form the basis for a wide variety of archaeological research. This full-time position will manage all aspects of the CTL, conduct pottery analysis in collaboration with the Curator of Florida Archaeology, contribute to management of the Florida Archaeology collections and the research goals of the institution, and participate in public outreach. For more information, please visit https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/nhdept/ceramic-technology-laboratory-and-florida-archaeology-collections-manager/