Position – Curator of Exhibits, Missouri State Museum/Jefferson Landing State Historic Site

This position will: conduct original research for content, develop concepts and interactive elements, conduct audience evaluation, design exhibit and graphic elements, prepare objects and images, and construct and install exhibits by designing visually dynamic, detailed and highly organized interpretive graphic materials for exhibition or publicity. For more information, see: https://mocareers.mo.gov/hiretrue/ce3/job-board/5effe9b2-4b89-494b-ac76-c45e25190768/c0f4baa5-8648-40ee-ba39-6c45bc9f1f63?jb=true&fbclid=IwAR262u0ai-c7YA5ZlAdrXy9wPJ_sSwP70j4tETOwCxP3O6J85WreSzMk0xI