Position – Research Director, Native Land Digital

In efforts to more deeply and accurately tell the stories of Indigenous communities, decolonize colonial understanding of Indigenous people and territories, and to more accurately present information related to territorial, treaty and language boundaries, Native Land Digital is hiring a Research Director. This individual must have a strong understanding of social justice, connection to land and Indigenous ways of being and knowing. The ideal candidate is a strategic, inspiring knowledgeable leader with demonstrated professional, academic, or practical experience working with communities on GIS and mapping initiatives, especially in a setting of dealing with issues resulting from colonialism and neocolonialism.For more information see: https://native-land.ca/hiring-research-director/?fbclid=IwAR0p-H1gZxawSftwzkguq4EiZNd5VqgZaeszZgxPuZJtdEOU4Sof9mzL0AA