SEAC Statement for Racial Justice and Structural Change

June 9, 2020

TO: Members of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference
FROM: SEAC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) acknowledges the pain and injustice that black and brown people are experiencing now and have experienced in the past. We further acknowledge the colonial history of archaeology, our role in that history by remaining silent, our solidarity with this movement, and our commitment to no longer remain silent.

But a statement is not enough. These extraordinary times also demand self-reflection, listening, and action. As we look within, we recognize that there is much work to be done to improve diversity, equitability, accessibility, and inclusion in SEAC and within archaeology conducted in the Southeast. We commit to actively working to become a more inclusive organization, to seeking dialogue with diverse groups, and to collaborating with communities of color. We affirm our support of equal respect and justice for all, in our daily lives and in our commitment to a fairer understanding of our shared past. We remain committed to welcoming, mentoring, and ensuring the value and safety of all individuals in our organization to the best of our abilities.

As archaeologists, our ethical obligations lie both in how we study the past and in how we meet the challenges of the present. In this spirit, we encourage you to support organizations that are fighting for racial and social justice. One place to start is to consider contributions to the SEAC 2021 program that engage with these themes.