Position – Archaeologist 2

The Tennessee Division of Archaeology is pleased to announce our new Archaeologist 2 position will post for application on November 6, 2019. This application period will be open for two weeks.

This position will be part of our Technical Assistance group that: (1) responds to requests for archaeological information from external and internal customers; (2) performs map and archival reviews; (3) conducts field reconnaissance surveys and test excavations; (4) responds to burial discovery calls; and (5) conducts research projects and presentations on Tennessee archaeology.

The preferred candidate will have experience in southeastern US archaeology (prehistoric or historic). In addition, the preferred candidate should possess good organization, time management, and people skills, and be able to work independently.

This will be a full-time, preferred service position with benefits that will be based in Nashville. Occasional travel may be required. Persons potentially interested in this position should review the Archaeologist 2 job specification http://agency.governmentjobs.com/tennessee/default.cfm?action=viewclassspec&ClassSpecID=101283&Agency=1256&ViewOnly=Yes for information regarding minimum qualifications, job overview, range of work activities and competencies, and state employee benefits. Starting annual salary will be $36,636 ($3053/month).

Please view the information at https://www.tn.gov/hr/js1/employment-opportunities.html about applying for State of Tennessee positions. You will notice that applications must be submitted on-line, and can only be submitted when position requisitions have been posted.

Information about the Tennessee Division of Archaeology is available on our web site https://www.tn.gov/environment/program-areas/arch-archaeology.html

Please contact Mike Moore, Tennessee State Archaeologist, by email mike.c.moore@tn.gov or phone (615-687-4776) with any questions.