Position – Oklahoma Archeological Survey

The Oklahoma Archeological Survey at the University of Oklahoma seeks an archaeologist with a specialization in Archaic to historic archaeology of native peoples of the North American Plains or surrounding regions with a specialization in plant use, diet and health, and environmental change among native groups of the Plains. Ideally, the candidate will focus on paleoethnobotany. The search committee will also consider candidates who focus on ancient pollen studies, bioarchaeology (human skeletal remains) with a focus on climate and population health, or other related specializations. Following the mandate of the survey, the research faculty member will conduct their primary research on archaeological sites within Oklahoma. See https://apply.interfolio.com/68427?fbclid=IwAR1BUxDAnvi4fBilvbgEVbv08iTIbnUxYSooB-g7ATSKZOHQcj8JpC7ljG0 for more information.