Call For Nominations – Patty Jo Watson Award

The Southeastern Archaeological Conference established the Patty Jo Watson Award to recognize the best article or chapter in a book on Southeastern archaeology. Patty Jo Watson, a renowned American Archaeologist who has worked extensively on the pre-Columbian Southeastern United States, not only set new standards in the practice of archaeology, but is also one of America’s best regarded scientists. This award honors her vast contributions to Southeastern archaeology.

ELIGIBILITY: The award is given to the best article or chapter in a book or edited volume on Southeastern archaeology. The award will be given to articles and chapters with copyright dates from the preceding calendar year. Thus, the 2016 award would be for papers carrying 2015 copyright dates. All articles from Southeastern Archaeology for the nominating year are automatically nominated. The committee can also receive nominations from editors of other journals and publishers and editors of edited volumes, and other sources. Nominations are due by mid-July.

SEAC President Greg Waselkov has appointed the following nominations committee:

Chair, Mary Beth D. Trubitt, Station Archeologist, Arkansas Archeological Survey, Henderson State University, Box 7841, Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001, (870)-230-5510,; Elizabeth T. Horton, Arkansas Archeological Survey, Toltec Mounds Research Station, 490 Toltec Mounds Road, Scott, AR 72741, 501-961-2421,; Maranda Kles, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Child and Family Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Mouton 109B, Lafayette, LA 70504-0198, 337-482-5371,

The award will be presented during the Business Meeting at the Annual Conference.

More information about the award as well as a list of past recipients can be found here.