Forum Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault in Archaeology

Meagan Thies and Ashley Jones, co-moderators of an upcoming SAA-sponsored forum on sexual harassment and assault, have asked SEAC to share the following call for photographs supporting the movement:

Please note that you do not need to be an SAA member to submit a photo. They are trying to reach as much of the archaeology community as possible.

Dear SAA Members,

As you are probably aware, sexual harassment and assault are issues currently being addressed by those in the field sciences. We, Meagan Thies and Ashley Jones, are the moderators of the upcoming Forum Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault in Archaeology, to be held at this year’s Annual Meeting. As part of designing a space where the community can discuss these issues, we are asking membership for their help in gathering visual shows of support. We request a photo of yourself, either alone or with colleagues, in your work environment (e.g., in the field, lab, classroom, etc.) holding a sign expressing one (or more) of the following words or phrases: It’s On Us; Accountability; Respect; Enough!; Support; Responsibility.

The photographs will be included in a rotating slideshow approximately 15 minutes before the forum begins. Please send all photos to:

Thank you for your attention to these issues. We hope you will be part of this community discussion and attend the forum on April 8th, 2016 at the 81st Annual Meeting in Orlando.


Meagan Thies and Ashley Jones