SAC-Hosted Panel on Ethical Conduct

In 2014, the SEAC Student Affairs Committee (SAC) hosted a panel discussion on gendered roles in southeastern archaeology at the annual meeting. The event included presentations on the SEAC Sexual Harassment Survey (SHS), as well as gender disparities and publication differences between men and women in our field. This panel was overwhelmingly successful in inviting discourse from all SEAC members and stimulating dialogue within the membership. Importantly, the panel highlighted the need for more rigorous policies and procedures outlining appropriate behavior in all archaeological settings, including field schools, fieldwork, classrooms, laboratories, and professional conferences.

At this year’s annual meeting in Nashville, TN, the SAC will continue that discussion and hold a follow-up panel on Friday afternoon that is of interest to all members of SEAC. The panelists are students and professionals who hold a variety of positions in academia, as well as the public and private sectors. This panel discussion provides a collaborative space to share, access, and disseminate resources and guidelines for open and safe conduct among southeastern archaeologists.

In order to focus this discussion on topics relevant to our diverse discipline, we invite the entire membership of SEAC to pose questions and topics for discussion to our panelists (listed below). These can be submitted via three channels: the SAC Facebook page (, the SAC Twitter page (@SEAC_SAC, use #SEACethics), and an anonymous Google Survey ( where complete anonymity is assured due to the structure of the survey. We feel that this will be a great way to continue the dialogue from last year and encourage proactive communication on appropriate behavior and codes of conduct in order to promote a safe and acceptable workspace for all SEAC members.

Panelists Include:
Sarah Baires, Eastern Connecticut State University; Edward Henry, Washington University in St. Louis; Maureen Meyers, University of Mississippi; Shane Miller, Mississippi State University; Tristram R. Kidder, Washington University in St. Louis; Jamie Arjona, University of Illinois; Janet Levy, University of North Carolina in Charlotte; Melody Pope, Indiana University Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology; Bryan Tucker, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division; Asa Randall, University of Oklahoma

Student Moderators:
Elizabeth Watts-Malouchos, Indiana University; Ashley Schubert, University of Michigan