Volume 8 Number 2 Winter 1989



An Appraisal of the Role of Mill Creek Chert Hoes in Mississippian Exchange Systems
Charles R. Cobb

Mississippian Craft Specialization on the American Bottom
Richard W. Yerkes

A Comparison of Tennessee Archaic and Mississippian Maximum Femoral Lengths and Midshaft Diameters: Subsistence Change and Postcranial Variability
Donna C. Boyd and C. Clifford Boyd, Jr.

Seventeenth-Century Trade in the Colonial Southeast
Gregory A. Waselkov

Benton Points, Turkey Tails, and Cache Blades: Middle Archaic Exchange in the Midsouth
Jay K. Johnson and Samuel O. Brookes

A Guide to Identifying Shark Centra from Southeastern Archaeological Sites
Laura Kozuch and Cherry Fitzgerald


Toth: Early Marksville Phases in the Lower Mississippi Valley: A Study of Culture Contact Dynamics
David S. Brose

Smith: Archaeology of Aboriginal Culture Change in the Interior Southeast: Depopulation During the Early Historic Period
Gregory A. Waselkov

ISSN 0734-578X