Volume 7 Number 1 Summer 1988



Subterranean Storage and the Organization of Surplus: The View from Eastern North America
Warren R. DeBoer

Early Mississippian in the Black Warrior Valley: The Pace of Transition
Tim S. Mistovich


New Data on Early Bells from Florida
Jeffrey M. Mitchem and Bonnie G. McEwan

Alexander Mound Ceremonialism?
Janet Ford

Calibration of the Ceramic Period Chronology for Antigua, West Indies
Dave D. Davis


A Comment on Temporal Patterns in Marine Shellfish Use in Florida and Georgia
Michael Russo


Adams (ed.): Historical Archaeology of Plantations at Kings Bay, Camden County, Georgia
Lawrence E. Babits

DePratter (ed.): The Late Prehistoric Southeast: A Source Book
Jon Muller

Trinkley (ed.): Indian and Freedmen Occupation at the Fish Haul Site (38BU805), Beaufort County, South Carolina
James B. Stoltman

Neitzel: The Grand Village of the Natchez Revisited: Excavation of the Fatherland Site, Adams County, Mississippi, 1972
Robert C. Wilson

Dye and Brister (eds.): The Protohistoric Period in the Mid-South, 1500-1700: Proceedings of the 1983 Mid-South Archaeological Conference
Marvin T. Smith

Moore (assemb.): The Conference on Cherokee Prehistory
Mark Williams

Munson (ed.): Experiments and Observations on Aboriginal Wild Plant Food Utilization in Eastern North America
C. Margaret Scarry

Payne and Dahlin: A Phase I Archaeological Survey 31BF115 and A Phase II Archaeological Survey 31BF115, Texasgulf, Bath Creek, North Carolina
Michael Trinkley

ISSN 0734-578X