Volume 6 Number 1 Summer 1987



A Functional Consideration of a Mississippian Domestic Vessel Assemblage
Timothy R. Pauketat

The Mouse Creek Phase Household
Lynne P. Sullivan

The Organization of Lithic Reduction at the North Florida Weeden Island Period McKeithen Site
G. Michael Johnson

Circles and Ovals: Two Types of Adena Space
R. Berle Clay


A Middle Woodland Embankment and Mound Complex in Western Kentucky
Robert C. Mainfort, Jr. and Kenneth C. Carstens


Roy Selman Dickens, Jr. (1938-1986)
Bennie C. Keel


Fitzhugh (ed.): Cultures in Contact: The European Impact on Native Cultural Institutions in Eastern North America, A.D. 1000-1800
Ian W. Brown

Eubanks: Intensive Archaeological Testing at the John Houston Mclntosh Sugarhouse, Camden County, Georgia
William B. Lees

Levy (ed.): Skeletal Analysis in Southeastern Archaeology
Clark Spencer Larsen

Neel and Sampson: Prehistoric Rock Art of the Cross Timbers Management Unit, East Central Oklahoma: An Introductory Study
Gayle J. Fritz

Johnson, Leader, and Wilson (eds.): Indians, Colonists, and Slaves: Essays in Memory of Charles H. Fairbanks
Charles E. Orser, Jr.

Jenkins and Krause: The Tombigbee Watershed in Southeastern Prehistory
Paul D. Welch

Whyte, Boyd, and Riggs (eds.): Exploring Tennessee Prehistory: A Dedication to Alfred K. Guthe
Charles H. McNutt

Lewis: Mississippian Towns of the Western Kentucky Border: The Adams, Wickliffe, and Sassafras Ridge Sites
Brian M. Butler

Hemmings and House (eds.): The Alexander Site, Conway County, Arkansas
Tristram R. Kidder

Sabo (ed.): Contributions to Ozark Prehistory
Don G. Wyckoff

ISSN 0734-578X