Volume 5 Number 2 Winter 1986



Mississippian Polities in the Fort Walton Area: A Model Generated from the Renfrew-Level XTENT Algorithm
John F. Scarry and Claudine Payne

The Use and Processing of Plants by Indians of Spanish Florida
John H. Hann

Origins of Plant Domestication in the Eastern United States: Promoting the Individual in Archaeological Theory
Guy Prentice

Temporal Patterns in Marine Shellfish-Species Use Along the Atlantic Coast in the Southeastern United States
Cheryl Claassen

A Guide for Identifying Otoliths from Archaeological Sites
Erika H. Simons


Brooks and Canouts (eds.): Subsistence Change in the Late Prehistoric Period in the Interior Lower Coastal Plain of South Carolina
David J. Hally

Thomas: Report on the Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology
Marvin D. Jeter

Milner: The East St. Louis Stone Quarry Cemetery (11-S-468)
Jerome C. Rose

McElrath and Fortier: The Missouri Pacific #2 Site
H. Edwin Jackson

Schroedl, Davis, and Boyd: Archaeological Contexts and Assemblages at Martin Farm
Dan F. Morse

Rose (ed.): Gone to a Better Land
Lynn Clark

Stewart-Abernathy: The Moser Farmstead, Independent but Not Isolated: The Archeology of a Late Nineteenth Century Ozark Farmstead
Cynthia R. Price

ISSN 0734-578X