Volume 42 Number 4 2023



Death and rebirth of structures in the Middle Woodland period of the Appalachian Summit

Thomas R. Whyte & Alice P. Wright

Spanish Olive Jar and other shipping containers of sixteenth-century Florida: quantifying the documentary record

John E. Worth

Bluff Field (9CH160) ceramics and radiocarbon dating and their implications for chronology building on Ossabaw Island and the Georgia coast

Brett Parbus, Victor D. Thompson, Carey J. Garland  & Bryan Tucker

Archaeological identification of historically referenced sixteenth-century Native provinces: the example of Soto's Capachequi

Dennis B. Blanton

Air and sound: Indigenous wind instruments made of bone in the Southeast United States

Matthew C. Sanger, Rachel Cajigas, Elliot H. Blair & Anna Semon

Book Reviews

Frederick H. Hanselmann, Captain Kidd's Lost Ship: The Wreck of the Quedagh Merchant, reviewed by Jennifer Marie Cantú Trunzo