Volume 42 Number 1 2023

Special Issue: Rivers, Rocks, and Resources: Exploring Early Holocene Landscape Use in the American Southeast



A brief history of modeling Early Holocene landscape use in the American Southeast

D. Shane Miller, Ashley M. Smallwood & Philip J. Carr

Early Archaic landscape use, cultural transmission, and aggregation in the lower Ohio River valley

Thomas A. Jennings, Ashley M. Smallwood, Jacob Ray, Vanessa Hanvey, Shaylee Scott, Heather L. Smith, Don Miller & Devin Stephens

The Early Holocene archaeology of Florida: geospatial approaches to understanding Bolen mobility

Jessi J. Halligan, David K. Thulman, Adam Burke & Morgan Smith

Early Holocene landscape use in the upper Tombigbee River valley

James L. Strawn, D. Shane Miller, Derek T. Anderson & Stephen B. Carmody

Using "cultural continuity" to examine aspects of Early Archaic settlement in Virginia and beyond

Joseph A. M. Gingerich

Comments on Early Archaic papers

Kandace D. Hollenbach, I. Randolph Daniel, Jr. & David G. Anderson

Book Reviews- edited by Benjamin A. Steere

Laurie A. Wilkie, Unburied Lives: The Historical Archaeology of Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Davis, Texas, 1869-1875, reviewed by Jennifer Marie Cantú Trunzo

Cheryl Claassen, Beliefs and Rituals in Archaic Eastern North America: An Interpretive Guide, reviewed by Taylor Greene