Volume 41 Number 4 2022



Interpreting context and chronology of Cahokia-Caddo mythic female stone figures

Thomas E. Emerson

Biocultural and intersectional analyses of Black motherwork and children in Georgia

Maria Franklin, Samuel M. Wilson & Hugh B. Matternes

Relating tools to tasks: shell hammers and oyster management on Florida's northern Gulf Coast

Jessica A. Jenkins & Ginessa J. Mahar

A 4,000-year record of multifaceted fisheries in the central Georgia Bight (USA)

Elizabeth J. Reitz, Carol E. Colaninno, Irvy R. Quitmyer & Nicole R. Cannarozzi

Book Reviews- edited by Benjamin A. Steere

Glenn R. Storey, The Archaeology of Ancient Cities, reviewed by Camila A. Cortina

Lynsey A. Bates, John M. Chenoweth, and James A. Delle (eds), Archaeologies of Slavery and Freedom in the Caribbean: Exploring the Spaces in Between, reviewed by Mark Kostro

David H. Dye (ed), Mississippian Culture Heroes, Ritual Regalia, and Sacred Bundles, reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson