Volume 41 Number 3 2022



Thoughts on Weeden Island pottery classification: the type-variety system (again)

Prudence M. Rice & Neill J. Wallis

Evaluating the dating and context of long-nosed god maskettes and iconography in the American midcontinent

Thomas E. Emerson

Placing the dead on the Green River: a consideration of Archaic burial on the Middle Green River of Kentucky

R. Berle Clay

Foodways of the Late Archaic people of St. Catherines Island, Georgia: an analysis of vertebrate remains from two shell rings

Carol E. Colaninno

Book Reviews- edited by Benjamin A. Steere

Lawrence Waldron, Pre-Columbian Art of the Caribbean, reviewed by Pauline M. Kulstad-González

Robert D. Drennan, C. Adam Berrey, and Christian E. Peterson, Regional Settlement Demography in Archaeology, reviewed by Maria Ostendorf Smith