Volume 41 Number 1 2022



A comparison of rock art and bluff shelter spatial distributions in the eastern Arkansas Ozarks

Jordan L. Schaefer

Archaeological investigations at the Charity Hall mission site (22MO733)

Matthew P. Rooney, Tara Skipton, Brad R. Lieb & Charles R. Cobb

Late Woodland settlement ecology of the Appalachian Summit

Colin P. Quinn, Emily Walker & Alice Wright

The materiality of the Apalachee diaspora: an Indigenous history of contact and colonialism in the Gulf South

Michelle M. Pigott

Book Reviews- edited by Benjamin A. Steere

Jeffrey S. Girard, The Caddos and Their Ancestors: Archaeology and the Native People of Northwest Louisiana, reviewed by Matthew P. Rooney

Lynn Rainville, Invisible Founders: How Two Centuries of African American Families Transformed at Plantation into a College, reviewed by Katie Zejdlik

Megan C. Kassabaum, A History of Platform Mound Ceremonialism: Finding Meaning on Higher Ground, reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson