Volume 40 Number 3 2021



Old ways in new places? Experimenting with plants in the early plantation setting

Jessie L. Johanson & Andrew Agha

Sourcing Aztalan pipestone ear spools and its implications for interpreting Cahokian targeted acquisition and interaction

Thomas E. Emerson, John D. Richards, Randall E. Hughes & Stevens L. Boles

The complex construction history of Poverty Point's timber circles and concentric ridges

Michael L. Hargrave, R. Berle Clay, Rinita A. Dalan & Diana M. Greenlee

Multi-method geoarchaeological analyses demonstrates exceptionally rapid construction of Ridge West 3 at Poverty Point

Tristram R. Kidder, Su Kai, Edward R. Henry, Seth B. Grooms & Kelly Ervin

Book Reviews

Elizabeth A. Moore (eds.), The Archaeology of Virginia's First Peoples, reviewed by Hayden F. Bassett

Charles R. Cobb, The Archaeology of Southeastern Native American Landscapes of the Colonial Era, reviewed by Patrick L. Johnson