Volume 40 Number 1 2021



Investigating overhunting of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in the late Holocene Middle Tennessee River Valley

Elic M. Weitzel

Danger from beneath: groundwater-sea-level interactions and implications for coastal archaeological sites in the southeast US

Alanna L. Lecher & April Watson

Cahokia's Mound 72 shell artifacts

Laura Kozuch

The case for a Late Lamar polity on the lower Ocmulgee River in Georgia

Dennis B. Blanton, Rachel Hensler & Frankie Snow

Book Reviews

Adam King (ed.), Archaeology in South Carolina, reviewed by Christopher B. Rodning

Heather A. Wholey and Carole L. Nash (eds.), Middle Atlantic Prehistory: Foundations and Practice, reviewed by Michele Troutman

Tanya M. Peres and Aaron Deter-Wolf (eds.), The Cumberland River Archaic of Middle Tennessee, reviewed by Robert A. Barlow