Volume 4 Number 2 Winter 1985



Toward an Analysis of the Exchange of Meteoritic Iron in the Middle Woodland
Christopher Carr and Derek W. G. Sears

Temporal Trends Indicated by a Survey of Archaic and Woodland Plant Food Remains from Southeastern North America
Richard A. Yarnell and M. Jean Black

Chenopodium berlandieri ssp. jonesianum: Evidence for a Hopewellian Domesticate from Ash Cave, Ohio
Bruce D. Smith

Late Archaic Fort Payne Biface Manufacture at the Topsy Site (40WY204), Buffalo River Basin, Tennessee
Daniel S. Amick


Phillips and Brown: Pre-Columbian Shell Engravings from the Craig Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma
Vernon James Knight, Jr.

Davis (ed.): Perspectives on Gulf Coast Prehistory
Judith A. Bense

Baugh (ed.): Archeology of the Mixed Grass Prairie.
Phase 1: Quartermaster Creek

Katherine A. Spielmann

Wyckoff and Fisher: Preliminary Testing and Evaluation of the Grobin Davis Archeological Site 34MC-253, McCurtain County, Oklahoma

Timothy K. Perttula

ISSN 0734-578X