Volume 4 Number 1 Summer 1985



The Packard Complex: Early Archaic, Pre-Dalton Occupations on the Prairie-Woodlands Border
Don G. Wyckoff

Paleoseasonality Determination Based on Incremental Shell Growth in the Hard Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, and Its Implications for the Analysis of Three Southeast Georgia Coastal Shell Middens
Irvy R. Quitmyer H. Stephen Hale and Douglas S. Jones

Comparison of Spanish and Aboriginal Subsistence on the Atlantic Coastal Plain
Elizabeth J. Reitz

The Role of Chenopodium as a Domesticate in the Pre-Maize Garden Systems of the Eastern United States
Bruce D. Smith


Hargrave, Oetelaar, Lopinot, Butler, and Billings: The Bridges Site (11Mr-11), a Late Prehistoric Settlement in the Central Kaskaskia Valley
C. Wesley Cowan

Neuman: An Introduction to Louisiana Archaeology
William G. Haag

Canouts, May, Lopinot, and Muller: Cultural Frontiers in the Upper Cache Valley, Illinois
Moreau S. Maxwell

ISSN 0734-578X