Volume 39 Number 4 2020



A refinement of post-contact Choctaw ceramic chronology

Keith J. Little, Ashley A. Dumas, Hunter B. Johnson & Travis Rael

Skilled crafting at Cahokia's Fingerhut Tract

B. Jacob Skousen

Where is the Southeastern Native American economy?

Stephen A. Kowalewski & Victor D. Thompson

Book Reviews

Edward González-Tennant, The Rosewood massacre: an archaeology and history of intersectional violence, reviewed by Robert J. Stark

D. Ryan Gray, Uprooted: race, public housing, and the archaeology of four lost New Orleans neighborhoods, reviewed by Crystal Wright

Robert A. Cook, Continuity and change in the Native American village: multicultural origins and descendants of the fort ancient culture, reviewed by Claiborne Daniel Sea

Charles H. McNutt and Ryan M. Parish (eds), Cahokia in Context: hegemony and diaspora, reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson

Martha A Zierden and Elizabeth J. Reitz, Charleston: An Archaeology of Life in a Coastal Community, reviewed by Thomas E. Beaman Jr.