Volume 39 Number 3 2020



Rethinking Mississippian copper symbol badges: two previously unreported examples from east Alabama

Meghan E. Buchanan and Rob Bonney

Fuelwood collection as daily practice: a wood charcoal study for the colonial period North Carolina Piedmont

Anna F. Graham

Public archaeology at Baynard-Zion: bringing life back to an antebellum cemetery

Matthew C. Sanger, Kimberly Cavanagh, Michel Shamoon-Pour, Richard Thomas, Linda Piekut, Samuel Bourcy, and Katherine Seeber

Intensification revisited: assessing resource specialization at Crystal River (8CI1) and Roberts Island (8CI41), Florida

C. Trevor Duke, Thomas J. Pluckhahn, and J. Matthew Compton


“A very different kettle of fish”: whole vessels from the Main Burial Complex at Crystal River (8CI1)

Thomas J. Pluckhahn


John S. Cable, Megadrought in the Carolinas: the archaeology of Mississippian collapse, abandonment, and coalescence, reviewed by David H. Dye