Volume 39 Number 2 2020



Molecular evidence of changing foodways across the Mississippian transition at the George Reeves site (11S650)

Eleanora A. Reber, John E. Kelly, Elizabeth Boswell, and Chad S. Lane

Rare animals at a Mississippian chiefly compound: the Irene Mound site (9CH1), Georgia, USA

Elizabeth J. Reitz, Mark Williams, and Katie B. Dalton

Using chaîne opératoire and communities of practice to identify interaction in the Contact and Mission periods in southern Georgia, AD 1540–1715

Rachel Hensler

A quantitative assessment of intraspecific morphological variation in Gahagan bifaces from the southern Caddo area and central Texas

Robert Z. Selden, John E. Dockall, and Morgane Dubied


Kathryn L. Ness, Setting the table: ceramics, dining, and cultural exchange in Andalucía and La Florida, reviewed by Olivia L. Thomas

Elizabeth M. Scott (ed), Archaeological perspectives on the French in the New World, reviewed by Christopher M. Grant

Paul N. Backhouse, Brent R. Weisman, and Mary Beth Rosebrough (eds), We come for good: archaeology and tribal historic preservation at the Seminole Tribe of Florida, reviewed by Jason O’Donoughue