Volume 39 Number 1 2020



Food production in the Early Woodland: macrobotanical remains as evidence for farming along the riverbank in eastern Tennessee

Jessie L. Johanson, Kandace D. Hollenbach, and Howard J. Cyr

Exploring the season of mound building through oxygen isotope geochemistry at the Garden Patch site, Gulf Coast Florida, USA

Isabelle Holland Lulewicz, Neill J. Wallis, and Victor D. Thompson

Foodways and community at the Late Mississippian site of Parchman Place

Erin S. Nelson, Ashley Peles, and Mallory A. Melton


A case for lead-glaze experimentation by late eighteenth-century Catawba using portable X-ray Fluorescence (pXRF)

David J. Cranford


Thomas E. Emerson, Brad H. Koldehoff, and Tamira K. Brennan (eds), Revealing Greater Cahokia, North America’s first Native city: rediscovery and large-scale excavations of the East St. Louis Precinct, reviewed by Charles R. Cobb

Gayle Fritz, Feeding Cahokia: early agriculture in the North American heartland, reviewed by Amber M. VanDerwarker

David K. Thulman and Ervan G. Garrison (eds), New directions in the search for the first Floridians, reviewed by Kara Bridgman Sweeney

Sarah E. Price and Philip J. Carr (eds), Investigating the ordinary: everyday matters in Southeast archaeology, reviewed by Edward González-Tennant

Duncan P. McKinnon and Bryan S. Haley (eds), Archaeological remote sensing in North America: innovative techniques for anthropological applications, reviewed by John P. McCarthy