Volume 38 Number 3 2019



The age of the Dalton culture: a Bayesian analysis of the radiocarbon data

David K. Thulman

Feasting at Poverty Point with Poverty Point Objects

Christopher T. Hays

Varied visions: an iconographic reevaluation of Ramey Incised production and distribution in the American Bottom, Illinois

Madelaine C. Azar


An experimental study of bean and maize burning to interpret evidence from Stillhouse Hollow Cave in western North Carolina

Thomas R. Whyte

What is this bird? The quest to identify parrot remains from the Heyward-Washington House, Charleston, South Carolina

Martha A. Zierden, Elizabeth J. Reitz, Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman, Laurie J. Reitsema and Bruce L. Manzano


Patricia Galloway and Evan Peacock (eds), Exploring southeastern archaeology, reviewed by J. T. Penman

Keith Ashley and Nancy Marie White (eds), Late prehistoric Florida: archaeology at the edge of the Mississippian world, Victor D. Thompson and David Hurst Thompson (eds), Life among the tides: recent archaeology on the Georgia Bight, Neill J. Wallis and Asa R. Randall (eds), New histories of pre-Columbian Florida, reviewed by Ramie A. Gougeon