Volume 38 Number 1 2019



What is past is prologue: excavations at the Econfina Channel site, Apalachee Bay, Florida, USA

Jessica W. Cook Hale, Nathan L. Hale, and Ervan G. Garrison

Automated mound detection using lidar and object-based image analysis in Beaufort County, South Carolina

Dylan S. Davis, Matthew C. Sanger, and Carl P. Lipo

An experimental ethnoarchaeological approach to understanding the development of use wear associated with the processing of river cane for split-cane technology

Megan M. King, Roger Cain, and Shawna Morton Cain

Coles Creek fauna procurement strategies: subsistence diversity among late prehistoric hunter-gatherer-horticulturalists in the Lower Mississippi Valley

Daniel A. LaDu and J. Lynn Funkhouser

Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century salt production in Saltville, Virginia

Clifford Boyd Jr and Robert C. Whisonant