Volume 37 Number 3 2018



Nails, tacks, and hinges: the archaeology of Camp Monticello, a World War II prisoner of war camp

Jodi A. Barnes

“Horned cattle and pack horses”: zooarchaeological legacy collections from the unauthorized (and unscreened) Spanish Fort

Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman, Tracie Mayfield, Chance Copperstone and H. Thomas Foster II

Santo Domingo de Talaje: resurrecting a seventeenth-century Spanish mission at Darien Bluff, Georgia

Richard W. Jefferies and Mark Williams

Determining the use of Late Archaic shell rings using lithic data: “ceremonial villages” and the importance of stone

Matthew C. Sanger and Quinn-Monique Ogden


Kimball Banks and John S. Czaplicki (eds), Dam projects and the growth of American archaeology: the river basin surveys and the interagency archaeological salvage program, reviewed by Joseph A. Tiffany

Martin D. Gallivan, The Powhatan landscape: an archaeological history of the Algonquian Chesapeake, reviewed by John P. McCarthy

Zackary I. Gilmore, Gathering at Silver Glen: community and history in Late Archaic Florida, reviewed by Alice Wright