Volume 36 Number 2 2017

Special Issue: Recent Approaches to Pottery and Society in the Southeast

Guest editors: Rachel P. Hensler and Victoria G. Dekle



Introduction: recent approaches to pottery and society in the Southeast

Rachel P. Hensler and Victoria G. Dekle

Coils, slabs, and molds: examining community affiliation between Late Archaic shell ring communities using radiographic imagery of pottery

Matthew C. Sanger

Constructing community at civic-ceremonial centers: pottery-making practices at Crystal River and Roberts Island

Thomas J. Pluckhahn, Rachel E. Thompson, and Kassie Kemp

Swift Creek paddle designs and the imperative to be unique

Karen Y. Smith and Vernon J. Knight, Jr.

Provenance of Weeden Island “sacred” and “prestige” vessels: implications for specialized ritual craft production

Neill J. Wallis, Ann S. Cordell, Erin Harris-Parks, Mark C. Donop, and Kristen Hall

Social integration at a frontier and the creation of Mississippian social identity in southwestern Virginia

Maureen Meyers

Household ceramic diversity in the late prehistory of the Appalachian Summit

Thomas R. Whyte


Charles R. Ewen and Russell K. Skowronek, Pieces of eight: more archaeology of piracy, reviewed by Thomas E. Beaman

Jerald T. Milanich and Nina J. Root, Enchantments: Julian Dimock’s photographs of Southwest Florida, reviewed by Annette L. Snapp

Christopher B. Rodning (Ed.), Center places and Cherokee towns: archaeological perspectives on Native American architecture and landscape in the Southern Appalachians, reviewed by Jason O’Donoughue