Volume 36 Number 1 2017



The identification and significance of Apalachicola for the origins of the Creek Indians in the southeastern United States

Thomas Foster

Mississippian monumentality in the Yazoo Basin: recent investigations at the Carson site (22CO505), northwestern Mississippi

Jayur Madhusudan Mehta, Rachel Stout Evans, and Zhixiong Shen

Tetrahedron baked-clay objects from an Early Woodland context at the Jaketown site, Mississippi

Edward R. Henry, Anthony L. Ortmann, Lee J. Arco, and Tristram R. Kidder

Nineteenth-century ceramics and consumer behavior among the “mountain folk” of the Upper Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee

Kimberly Pyszka


A seventeenth-century trade gun and associated collection from Pine Island, Alabama

Marvin T. Smith, Jon Marcoux, Erin Gredell, and Gregory Waselkov

Fabric fragments from Pine Island, Alabama: indicator of an evolving male costume item

Penelope B. Drooker


Jason Baird Jackson (Ed.), Yuchi Indian histories before the removal era, reviewed by Matthew P. Rooney

Phillip J. Carr, Andrew P. Bradbury, and Sarah E. Price (Eds.), Contemporary lithic analysis in the Southeast: problems, solutions, and interpretations, reviewed by Kristina M. Hill