Volume 35 Number 1 2016

Special Issue: Microartifact Analysis

Guest Editors: Lara Homsey-Messer and Anthony L. Ortmann



Microartifact Analysis: Recent Applications in Southeastern Archaeology

Lara Homsey-Messer and Anthony Ortmann

Microartifact Analysis and Site Formation of a Mississippian House Floor at Wickliffe Mounds, Kentucky

Lara Homsey-Messer and Kayce Humkey

Investigating the Function of an Archaic-period Earthwork Using Microartifacts

Anthony L. Ortmann and Caroline Schmidt

In Much Smaller Things Forgotten: a Case for Microartifact Analysis in Cultural Resource Management

Phyllis S. Johnson, James C. Pritchard, and Eric C. Poplin

It is the Little Things that Count: Microartifact Analysis and the Importance of Multiproxy Data at the Widows Creek Site, Alabama

Howard J. Cyr, Esther Rimer, Stephen Carmody, Kandace Hollenbach, Keith Little, and Hunter Johnson

Taphonomy and the Role of Experimentation in Microartifact Analysis

Lara Homsey-Messer, Anthony Ortmann, Lori Roe, and Howard Cyr


Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) of a Little Known Southeastern Copper Plate

Amanda D. Roberts Thompson and Mark Williams


Making Senses of the Past: Towards a Sensory Archaeology, Jo Day (ed.), reviewed by Bretton T. Giles

Archaeology of the War of 1812, Michael T. Lucas and Julie M. Schablitsky (eds.), reviewed by Steven D. Smith