Volume 33 Number 2 2014



What Does Mortuary Variability in the Ohio Valley Middle Woodland Mean? Agency, Its Projects, and Interpretive Ambiguity

Berle Clay


Soapstone Vessel Chronology and Function in the Southern Appalachians of Eastern Tennessee: The Apple Barn Site (40BT90) Assemblage

Edward W. Wells III, Sarah C. Sherwood, and Kandace D. Hollenbach

Foundations of the Cades Pond Culture in North-Central Florida: The River Styx Site (8AL458)

Neill J. Wallis, Ann S. Cordell, and James B. Stoltman

Insights from the Analysis of Angel Mounds Pottery Trowels

Dru McGill

Thematic Section: Taking Stock of Social Theory in Southeastern Archaeology

Taking Stock of Social Theory in Southeastern Archaeology

Vernon James Knight

What I Believe: Structure and the Problem of Macrosociality

Robin A. Beck Jr.

What I Believe: A Memoir of Processualism to Neohistorical Anthropology

Charles R. Cobb

What I Believe: Doing Archaeology as a Feminist

Janet E. Levy

What I Believe: Taking up the Serpents of Social Theory and Southeastern Archaeology

Lynne P. Sullivan

What I Believe: Reflections on Historical and Political Ecology as Research Frameworks in Southeastern Archaeology

Victor D. Thompson

What I Believe about the Useful Diversity of Theory in Southeastern Archaeology

Nancy Marie White

What I Believe about What You Believe: Discussing Social Theory in Southeastern Archaeology

Megan C. Kassabaum


Chiefdoms, Collapse, and Coalescence in the Early American South, Robin Beck, reviewed by David J. Cranford

The Archaeology of Pineland: A Coastal Southwest Florida Site Complex, A.D. 50-1710, William H. Marquardt and Karen J. Walker (eds.), reviewed by Carla S. Hadden

The Fort Ancient Earthworks: Prehistoric Lifeways of the Hopewell Culture in Southwestern Ohio, Robert P. Connolly and Bradley T. Lepper (eds.), reviewed by Allison Hennie

The Swift Creek Gift: Vessel Exchange on the Atlantic Coast, Neill J. Wallis, reviewed by Kevin Kiernan and T. Marshall Hahn Sr.

Shovel Ready: Archaeology and Roosevelt's New Deal for America, Bernard K. Means (ed.), reviewed by John P. McCarthy

The Calusa: Linguistic and Cultural Origins and Relationships, Julian Granberry, reviewed by Joseph Miller

Pinson Mounds: Middle Woodland Ceremonialism in the Midsouth, Robert C. Mainfort Jr., reviewed by Timothy K. Perttula