Volume 32 Number 2 2013



Maize Adoption and Intensification in the Central Illinois River Valley: An Analysis of Archaeobotanical Data from the Late Woodland through Early Mississippian Periods (A.D. 600-1200)

Amber M. VanDerwarker, Gregory D. Wilson, and Dana N. Bardolph

Pine Barrens and Possum's Rations: Early Archaic Settlement in the North Carolina Sandhills

Christopher R. Moore and Jeffrey D. Irwin

The Chronology and History of Mount Taylor Period (ca. 7400-4600 Cal B.P.) Shell Sites on the Middle St. Johns River, Florida

Asa R. Randall


Prehistoric Rock Art from Painted Bluff and the Landscape of North Alabama Rock Art

Jan F. Simek, Alan Cressler, and Nicholas P. Herrmann

Remarkable Photographs of Clarence B. Moore's Expedition to the Ouachita River Valley, Louisiana, 1908-1909

Thomas C.C. Birchett, Charles E. Pearson, and Richard A. Weinstein

Sifting the Sands of Time: Geoarchaeology, Culture Chronology, and Climate Change at Squires Ridge, Northeastern North Carolina

Randolph Daniel, Jr., Christopher R. Moore, and E. Christopher Caynor

Analysis of Early Nineteenth-Century Muscogee Creek Fur Trade at a United States Factory Store

Thomas Foster, II, and Mathew Boehm


A Passion for the Past: The Odyssey of a Transatlantic Archaeologist, Ivor Noel Hume, reviewed by Thomas E. Beaman, Jr.

Sacred Games, Death, and Renewal in the Ancient Eastern Woodlands: The Ohio Hopewell System of Cult Sodality Heterarchies, A. Martin Byers, reviewed by Edward R. Henry

The Bioarchaeology of Violence, Debra L. Martin, Ryan P. Harrod, and Ventura R. Perez (eds.), reviewed by Dale L. Hutchinson

Sweet Cane: The Architecture of the Sugar Works of East Florida, Lucy B. Wayne, reviewed by David M. Markus

An Early and Strong Sympathy: The Indian Writings of William Gilmore Simms, John Caldwell Guilds and Charles Hudson (eds.), reviewed by Patrick H. Morgan

Making Archaeology Happen: Design versus Dogma, Martin Carver, reviewed by Amanda J. Sutton