Volume 31 Number 1 Summer 2012



Taxa Represented by Fish Effigy Ceramic Vessels in the Midsouth
Rita Fisher-Carroll and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.

Sheepshead Country: Coastal Woodland Subsistence from the Perspective of Mack Bayou and Other Northwest Florida Sites
Gregory A. Mikell

Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Shell Gorgets from Southwestern North Carolina
Christopher B. Rodning

Posts, Places, Ancestors, and Worlds: Dividual Personhood in the American Bottom Region
B. Jacob Skousen


The 1974–75 Excavations at Mound Bottom, a Palisaded Mississippian Center in Cheatham County, Tennessee
Michael J. O’Brien and Carl Kuttruff

The Bead Maker’s Midden: Evidence of Late Prehistoric Shell Bead Production on Ossabaw Island, Georgia
Charles E. Pearson and Fred C. Cook

Archaeology in a Geechee Graveyard
Nicholas Honerkamp and Ray Crook


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