Volume 3 Number 1 Summer 1984



The Past Ten Years of Plantation Archaeology in the Southeastern United States
Charles E. Orser, Jr.

Mississippian Expansion: Tracing the Historical Development of an Explanatory Model
Bruce D. Smith

Earthlodges and Platform Mounds: Changing Public Architecture in the Southeastern United States
James L. Rudolph

Vessel Assemblages and Food Habits: A Comparison of Two Aboriginal Southeastern Vessel Assemblages
David J. Hally

The Hernando DeSoto Expedition: From Apalachee to Chiaha
Charles Hudson Marvin T. Smith and Chester B. DePratter


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Editor’s Note

Response to Johnson
Ann M. Early and W. Fredrick Limp

Response to Johnson
William A. Martin

Response to Johnson
Prentice M. Thomas L. Janice Campbell Carol S. Weed and Mark T. Swanson

Jay K. Johnson


Early and Limp (editors): Fancy Hill
Jay K. Johnson

Wyckoff and Hofman (editors): Southeastern Natives and Their Pasts
Jon Muller

ISSN 0734-578X