Volume 29    Number 1    Summer 2010


Special Section: Papers in Honor of Bennie C. Keel
Section Editors: Edmond A. Boudreaux III, Christopher B. Rodning, and Jane Eastman

The Contributions of Bennie Carlton Keel to the Development of North Carolina Archaeology
R. P. Stephen Davis Jr.

A Functional Analysis of Mississippian Ceramic Vessels from Town Creek
Edmond A. Boudreaux III

Temporal Trends in Native Ceramic Traditions of the Lower Catawba River Valley
Brett H. Riggs

The Biltmore Mound and Hopewellian Mound Use in the Southern Appalachians
Larry R. Kimball, Thomas R. Whyte, and Gary D. Crites

Architectural Symbolism and Cherokee Townhouses
Christopher B. Rodning

South Appalachian Mississippian and Protohistoric Mortuary Practices in Southwestern North Carolina
Christopher B. Rodning and David G. Moore

My Buddy Bennie
H. Trawick Ward


Adena Mortuary Patterns in Central Ohio
Christopher T. Hays

Early Woodland Settlement and Mound Building in the Upper Tensas Basin, Northeast Louisiana
Tristram R. Kidder, Lori Roe, and Timothy M. Schilling

Carolina Bays: Time Capsules of Culture and Climate Change
Mark J. Brooks, Barbara E. Taylor, and Andrew H. Ivester

Toward a New View of History and Process at Crystal River (8CI1)
Thomas J. Pluckhahn, Victor D. Thompson, and Brent R. Weisman

What’s For Dinner? Investigating Food-Processing Technologies at Dust Cave, Alabama
Lara K. Homsey, Renee B. Walker, and Kandace D. Hollenbach

A Macroscopic Investigation of Technological Style and the Production of Middle to Late Archaic Fishhooks at the Chiggerville, Read, And Baker Sites, Western Kentucky
Christopher R. Moore


Sixteenth-Century Glass Bead Chronology In Southeastern North America
Keith J. Little