Volume 28 Number 2 Winter 2009



Fiber-Tempered Pottery, Soapstone Vessels, and Shifting Alliances in the Interior Coastal Plain of the Late Archaic Southeast
James C. Waggoner, Jr.

Archaic Period Faunal Use in the West-Central Florida Interior
Robert J. Austin, Lisabeth Carlson, and Richard W. Estabrook

Hernando De Soto’s Route from Chicaça Through Northeast Arkansas: A Suggestion
H. Terry Childs and Charles H. McNutt

Frontier Change, Institution Building, and the Archaeological Record in the South Carolina Backcountry
Kenneth E. Lewis

The Woodland-Mississippian Interface in Alabama, ca. A.D. 1075-1200: An Adaptive Radiation?
Ned J. Jenkins and Richard A. Krause

Points in Time: Assessing A Fort Ancient Triangular Projectile Point Typology
Kelli Carmean

Burning and Burying Buildings: Exploring Variation in Caddo Architecture in Southwest Arkansas
Mary Beth Trubitt


Exploring Settlement Patterning at a Premier Caddo Mound Site in the Red River Great Bend Region
Duncan P. McKinnon

Field Evaluation of Two Subsurface Augering Methods at Moundville
Vincas P. Steponaitis, R.P. Stephen Davis, Jr., and H. Trawick Ward


Commentary on The Spread of Shell Tempering in the Mississippi Black Prairie, by Janet Rafferty and Evan Peacock
Charles H. McNutt

Frequency Seriation and Settlement Patterning: A Response to McNutt Janet Rafferty and Evan Peacock


Swanton, Source Material for the Social and Ceremonial Life of the Choctaw Indians, reviewed by Timothy G. Baugh

Jennings, San Patrice Technology and Mobility Across the Plains-Woodland Border, reviewed by Philip J. Carr

Smith, Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History, reviewed by Edward Gonzalez-Tennant

Kwas, Digging for History at Old Washington, reviewed by Timothy K. Perttula

Odell, La Harpe’s Post: A Tale of French Wichita Contact on the Eastern Plains, reviewed by Michael A. Pfeiffer

Sabo ill and Sabo (eds.), Rock Art in Arkansas, reviewed by Michael L. Terlep