Volume 27 Number 2 Winter 2008


Farewell Message from the Editors Gayle J. Fritz and T. R. Kidder

Thematic Issue: Shell-Tempered Ceramics in the Eastern Woodlands


Woodland Period Shell-Tempered Pottery in the Central Arkansas Ozarks
George Sabo III and Jerry E. Hilliard

The Diffusion of Shell-Tempered Pottery into the Baytown Area of the Northern Lower Mississippi Valley
Robert H. Lafferty III

Shell-Tempered Pottery from the Upper Mississippi River Valley
Robert F. Boszhardt

The Spread of Shell-Tempered Ceramics along the Northern Coast of the Gulf of Mexico
Richard A. Weinstein and Ashley A. Dumas

The Incorporation of Mississippian Traditions into Fort Ancient Societies: A Preliminary View of the Shift to Shell-Tempered Pottery Use in the Middle Ohio Valley
Robert A. Cook and Lane F. Fargher

Regional Variation in Kentucky Fort Ancient Shell Temper Adoption
David Pollack, A. Gwynn Henderson, and C. Martin Raymer

The Spread of Shell Tempering in the Mississippi Black Prairie
Janet Rafferty and Evan Peacock

The History and Practice of Shell Tempering in the Middle Atlantic: A Useful Balance
Joseph M. Herbert

Origins and Spread of Shell-Tempered Ceramics in the Eastern Woodlands: Conceptual and Methodological Frameworks for Analysis
James K. Feathers and Evan Peacock


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Wright, Historic Indian Towns in Alabama, 1548-1838, reviewed by John T. Penman

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